Post 6: Lurkers and Accidents

Day 6: 2/24/22 3:59pm 

LOL so I had my first pee-pee accident on a carpet since I was probably a toddler. So Zak has this pee jug and Buns (my brother Braden’s nickname) got me a She-Pee for Christmas (which I freakin’ love) and I was so confident that I could pee in the pee jug with my She-Pee, and turns out that I was very, very wrong about that. I had one foot inside and one foot outside the shower and I guess that the She-Pee was not suctioned on to me the way it should be and then I peed on my leg, and my foot, and the carpet! YIKES! There was literally nothing else that could be said to Zak either because he was RIGHT on the other side of a half-inch piece of plywood. I just had to be honest! Lol. Luckily he took it really well and I Febreezed the carpet it and now it’s hanging up outside to dry 😂 This lifestyle is so glamorous! 

2/24/22 9:58pm 

Ok! We are both EXHAUSTED. Seems like Vanlife is a lot like hiking in that we are up when the sun is up and get extremely tired when the sun goes down. Although I still maintain that we are probably still going through some minor shock because of all of this change. 

Zak completed four meetings today, and when he was working I did a lot of things for the van, including fixing our fan! I went on YouTube, and a lady said to try to take out the fuse in our fuse block and then put it back in. It completely reset the fan and now it is back on! This is a fix that I never would have attempted in the past. This project has been so empowering. Today I also worked on putting in our internal sliding door lock and our front door internal locking system.

Zak’s work set-up with the pee-pee rug in the background.

We also put up the motion sensor security lights. We didn’t have access to a ladder at all while we were doing this, so I had to get on Zak’s shoulders! Unfortunately though, after all of that work, it turns out the lights are totally awful. One of them doesn’t turn on at all, and the other turns on at every darn thing (and nothing at all!!) We literally had to cover it up tonight just to make sure we didn’t disturb anyone. Definitely time to go to sleep. We think this is our last night in St. Simon’s, which is good I think. It’s been awesome, but it’s time to go somewhere new! 

Putting in the security lights

Oh also, today while we were working some lady came up and knocked on the window and asked if she could see in the back. I told her that Zak was taking meetings back there. And then she asked how long we’d be there. She left and then came back later right to the back doors! Like what?!?! Ya crazy, emboldened lurker! (I know that she was just excited and interested in the lifestyle, but it is tough to have privacy… Plus, I do not ask to walk into people’s houses when I think they look nice!) 

Our amazing guard dog…

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