Post 7: Leaving St. Simon’s and Going to St. Augustine

Day 7: 2/25/22 10:39pm 

Last night we slept in the lighthouse parking at St. Simon’s Island by the downtown area of St. Simon’s. It was SOOOO humid when we woke up and I felt EXTRA dirty. However, we went on a nice long walk with Auggie towards the pier and it was absolutely beautiful out! When we got back, we took our first “fake shower” with these huge baby wipes, which are called “Epic Wipes”. They were originally created by a military doctor, and they are basically made with water and essential oils. Overall, I felt a LITTLE better afterwards, but still not perfect (obviously). 

A very dirty Fallon at the beach

Zak and I had the chance to back up to the water after our walk and fake shower and have some time to look out at the ocean and reflect on our lives/trip so far and our relationship as well. It was so peaceful and it made me feel really good and helped me to remember all of the amazing, wonderful things in our life. We try really hard to keep up with our relationship and tend to it to help it grow. It’s been especially important for us through the van build and now that we are out on the road. A lot of big changes and projects can put stress on relationships, so it is nice to sit back and reflect on what we can do to support and love each other the best we can. It also helps us to appreciate each other’s differences more and better understand each other’s feelings. Although, while we were sitting and talking, another emboldened lurker came through the back doors to see if she could look into the van! However, we also saw a dolphin a bit after she left, so that made up for her lurking. 

Afterwards, Zak worked for a little while and I walked over to the town and got post cards for Nanny and Grandma and also got a magnet for us. We are trying to get magnets from the places that we really love. After that, we left and went to Brunswick to get an Anytime Fitness membership. It was originally going to be ~$20 every 2 weeks, but they kept on hitting us with fees left and right, so in order to get out of some of those fees, we ended up paying 100% up front. It ended up being $511.43, which felt like a lot, but at least I don’t have to pay something every 2 weeks now, and it’s a little motivating to go to the gym more often. Unfortunately though, the way Anytime Fitness works is that your key fob doesn’t work at any other gym except for the one you signed up at for the first 30 days… how annoying! You are only supposed to use the home gym for those first 30 days, I suppose. However, the lady said that we could probably go in as “guests” during staffed hours, so that is what we will try to do. Maybe for anyone in the future, it would be useful to get the membership 30 days before you leave. While we were there we worked out and showered. And once I got in the shower, I realized that I hadn’t showered in so long that I’m getting some pimples on my back! Oh no! I really need to shower every day. (Or every other day).

After the gym, we went to Moe’s which was such a treat because we haven’t had Moe’s since we left St. Pete in June. We got burritos and queso (YUM) and the guy that made our burritos was SO nice, his name was Josh. (Thanks, Josh!!) While I was talking to him about the van, he said that we (Zak and I) would be great at YouTube. I made a little video to feature him once we get round to making a YouTube.

The sweetest Burrito Maker I’ve ever met!

Zak and I ate real quick in the car, and then we drove to St. Augustine to see Trey and Morgan (Zak’s brother and his wife) and their new baby, Will! Trey is such a great cook. Dinner was amazing. He smoked a chicken that he had rubbed down with some sort of amazing rub and made root vegetables (red and golden beets, carrots, maybe parsnips?) and green beans and tahini… (OMG YUM).

Trey’s absolutely delicious meal!

Auggie doesn’t love other dogs and Trey and Morgan’s dogs don’t love other dogs either, so we are staying in the van tonight with Augs. Luckily though, the van is really starting to feel like home for both us and Auggie!! ❤️

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