Post 5: St. Simon’s Day 2/ Everyone is in a Rush

Day 5: 2/23/22 6:50am

I woke up pretty early today and I think it’s because the square butt cushion keeps moving on me when I sleep. I felt like a good idea to have multiple cushions for our bed/ benches when we started, but I’m starting to rethink that. Maybe this is why my back and shoulder have been hurting so bad… I think I’m going to add velcro to the cushion, which means I need to get a sewing needle… Wish I had thought about that when I sent my sewing machine home!

I would love to be productive today. Yesterday was not quite as productive as I had hoped for. I just have to keep on remembering that I need to put  JUST A FEW ITEMS ON THE TO-DO LIST. If I get those done, awesome, and then anything else is a bonus. However, if I put too much on my list (which I usually tend to do), then I get way too overwhelmed and don’t do anything! 


Today Zak and I spent a lot of time at Lowes and Target in the morning and then went back to Saint Simon’s because it is SO much cooler here. It was 81 in Brunswick and 74 here. Crazy. Being inland versus right on the beach makes a world of difference. Makes me a bit worried for the Florida heat. I get super worried about Auggie in the van, especially because we do not have air conditioning. I also get hot and grumpy during the day too. If Zak gets too close to me I get extra sweaty and angry (even if it’s just secret, heat-related anger that I keep to myself..)  

We’ve really got to get our fans back in order. The one up front keeps on beeping when we try to turn it on and the back one does the same sometimes. I am going to have to YouTube that… Normally this would have been a HUGE issue, and I would have been way too intimidated to even attempt to fix the problem, but after having built this van with no prior experience, I feel like I can fix anything now! I wonder if this confidence is warranted though… haha.

We are up at Gould’s Inlet tonight and it is so beautiful!!! Zak and I went to Winn Dixie to get food and he commented on how fast everyone was driving in the parking lot and how much of a hurry everyone was in… but in a hurry for what? That’s the real question. Why do we force ourselves to be in a hurry for things we don’t usually like? Work for example. Everyone is always in such a rush for work. Always in such a rush to go to the gym… The schedules that we make for ourselves are only created based on what we believe society thinks is good and valuable. Is it actually good and valuable to be in an office from 8-5? Is it actually good and valuable to work 5 days a week and only have 2 days to yourself and your family? Is it good and valuable to only explore/ vacation 2 weeks or less per year? Is it worth fitting in with society’s perceived expectations of ourselves when so many of us are unhappy anyhow?

One of the beautiful houses of St. Simon’s

I made steak, shrimp, mashed potatoes, and Brussels with pepitas for dinner tonight. Yum! It makes me feel good that I can still make great meals in the van. We will also have leftovers for tomorrow, so that is exciting! It makes a $50 grocery run seem 100% worth it. Also, I signed up for a Winn Dixie card to get more points/ the deals on food. I wish Publix had that… I am going to do that with all of the grocery stores. I could use all of the discounts I can get! 

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