Update: We’re Sick

Hey everyone. I was really hoping to be back in the swing of things since my last update post. However, the night before we left Grayson and Harrison’s house, Zak started to feel a little tickle in his throat (uh-oh). We left the house on Monday evening and by that night Zak was feeling really crappy. Now it’s Wednesday and I’m feeling pretty bad myself.

Since we’re unsure what it is at the moment, we are trying some natural immune boosters– mashes of fresh ginger, fresh cranberries, lemons, turmeric, cinnamon, honey, and mint. I’ve also made a homemade chicken soup with veggies galore (kale, parsnips, carrots, parsley, corn, peas, summer squash, zucchini, onions, and garlic). We’ve also been trying to get a lot of sleep, which admittedly, we haven’t done a lot of in the past two weeks. Lastly, we made the decision to move pretty far south so that we can be in the warmth while we recover… or, the warmth-ish. Don’t worry, we’re staying away from everyone!

We’re sick, but trying to recover in Utah (in the van)

In another unfortunate twist of events, our fuse blew on our DC-to-DC charger, which means we can’t charge our batteries while driving. This leaves us with solar charging, but we haven’t had sun in a few days. Our batteries are really low. Hopefully, the sun will come out tomorrow! (Cue Annie song).

To learn more about life on the road when we are not sick, check out our Vanlife Journal. If you’re looking to build out your own van, check out the Van Build page!

5 thoughts on “Update: We’re Sick”

  1. Being sick is not fun. That little tickle is well known to us (see Boondocking in front of a hospital’s emergency department). It was the reason for us to leave Newfoundland. Get better soon!

  2. Hi there. Tried to comment earlier, but don’t see it so here we go again: Not fun to be sick. We know very well that little tickle in the throat, the reason to leave Newfoundland in a hurry. (See Boondocking in front of hospital’s emergency department). Get better soon!

    1. Awe yes! Saw the comment. 🙂 it is tough to be sick… especially in such a small space. I’ll be sure to check out the post 🙂 hope you’re well now! We’ve found the sun of Utah has helped quite a bit!

      1. Yes, it was during our summer trip. We too found that being sick in a small space was difficult and inevitably that the other person would get it too.

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