Post 36: Dirty, Hungry, and Tired

Day 36: 3/26/22 10:12pm  Today we woke back up at the same Cracker Barrel in Destin and we were both just SO dirty. Today is Saturday mind you, and the last time I showered and put on clean clothes was Wednesday. Zak last showered on Tuesday! We always feel a little extra dirty when it …

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Post 32: Real Estate Investing?

Day 32: 3/22/22 11:26pm  I am exhausted tonight. Today I went to the library for my first tutoring session, came back, ate and did the pot roast, then went back to the library with Zak, but forgot my computer here so I had to come back again! I guess I had too many things buzzing …

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Post 38: Beer Tasting

Day 38: 3/28/22 10:14pm  Back about 2 weeks ago while we were in Tampa, we saw Dr. Freundt, my Virology professor. He is currently teaching a class with my Microbiology professor, Dr. Logsdon. The class is called “Fermentation Microbiology” and it is a class that is teaching students about beer, wine, and cheese making (among …

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