Q&A: Session 1

So many people have a LOT of questions about vanlife, so Zak and I have decided to start a weekly Q&A, where we will answer 3 questions a week. If you have questions about vanlife, please leave them in the comments and we can add them to our next Q&A!

Question 1: What do we do to pay for this lifestyle?

Zak works a full-time remote position in tech sales. Because he is in sales, he has the benefit of both a salary as well as commission. I work part-time as a tutor in middle school, high school, and college English and writing, algebra, and standardized testing. Both of these positions are remote, and that is the most important aspect for us. We couldn’t work out of the van if we had to be in an office every day! In addition to working, we try very hard to be frugal. 90% of the time, we use free overnight parking (no campsites if we can help it), and we try to cook and limit our going out to eat, if possible.

We try to load up on groceries at cheaper grocery stores as well, like ALDI and Walmart.

Question 2: How often do we use campsites with electrical hookups?

We try not to use campsites if we can help it. Most campsites (with amenities) tend to be $42-ish. The cheapest campsites we’ve seen are at just under $20, and some of the most expensive campsites/ RV parks are as expensive has hotels! We have spent so much money building out the van that we don’t want to spend even more money just to park overnight. We have security in/ around our van, and the van itself if relatively stealthy, so we always feel safe in our free spots. Some of our favorite free spots are Cracker Barrel parking lots, Home Depot/ Lowes parking lots, and Walmart parking lots (sometimes).

If we are going to pay for a place to stay, then we like to use Harvest Hosts, which is an app that connects vanlifers and other travelers with small businesses such as farms, wineries, etc. that are willing to let us park overnight for free in exchange for patronage at their business. By using this link, you will receive 15% off when you sign up!

A classic Cracker Barrel parking spot!

Question 3: What is your favorite place you have visited so far?

For me, my favorite place that we have visited thus far has definitely been Bruce Peninsula National Park in Ontario, Canada. I had never been to a Great Lake before, and I did not expect the water to be so clear and blue! For Zak, his favorite trip was going back out on the AT with me while I finished up the Georgia section of the AT. It brought back a lot of great memories.

Hoping to see more about this Q&A? Here is our last Instagram Reel about it! Enjoy!

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What other questions do you have that you’d like answered? Let us know below in the comments!

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