Post 9: Our First Night at Lowes and Little Road Bumps

Day 9: 2/27/22 10:03pm 

We are sleeping in a Lowe’s Parking Lot tonight near Indian Harbour Beach. We spoke to a nice lady named Tammy who worked at Lowes and she told us that we could stay overnight here. The rest of the area around here does not seem very open to free-camping/ overnight parking. There are at least 2 other RVs here as well as a trucker. It is a good thing that we are here too because our sink is leaking super bad! We thought that we had fixed it by tightening it today, but man, oh man was I wrong! What started as a fast drop turned into a tiny river. (And yes, I was tightening it, not loosening).

Zak is looking up Harvest Hosts right now. We tried to go to an Anytime today but our keys definitely don’t work and there was no one in the office 🙁 Publix is WAYYY too expensive for us. At least Kroger and Winn Dixie have a rewards program so that we can get discounts. Tomorrow we still have some chores to do and Zak wants to work. I am going to have to figure out how much money I’m making and then probably pick up some other jobs. Maybe I’ll even sell items/ clothes from the van… who knows. Tomorrow is Grandmas birthday! I believe that she will be 88! Also we found out today that Nanny has COVID and the house is under contract! So both bad and good news. Ok, that’s probably enough for tonight. Can’t wait to start blogging about this amazing adventure! Oh, also went on a run tonight and then called Caroline! She went to a musical today about David Byrne. So cool. I totally miss NYC, and I miss you too, Carol!!! <3 

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