Post 8: Flagler Beach and Chris’s Fraternity Show

Day 8: 2/26/22 9:54pm 

Today we stayed at Trey and Morgan’s until about 5pm or so, and then we headed out to Flagler Beach. Lil’ Will is SO adorable. And Trey’s food is amazing. I also got to take a really long, luxurious shower, and I even got to shave my legs! Unfortunately though, our time there was a little bit tough because Auggie had to stay separated from the other dogs. While Trey had offered to let Aug stay out in the backyard, his dogs get very bark-y when they see other dogs (and I certainly would be bark-y too, if some strange dog was in my backyard!) But the long and short of it was that we didn’t want to add any additional noise or stressors, so we had Auggie stay in the van. Luckily it was nice and cool out, and we have fans, so it was comfortable for her. Had it been warmer we would have had to figure out something different.

Now that we are at the beach again though, it is nice to give Auggie our undivided attention. We also realize that as much as we love seeing other people, it is tough to be on other peoples’ schedules— even small things like a scheduled lunch or dinner just adds an extra thing to think about. I think that this lifestyle has just been so new, and so many changes have worked their way into our lives, that we are not yet totally prepared to add the variable needs and wants of other people. Even though Vanlife brings a lot of stressors, Zak and I have totally been enjoying the freedom of doing whatever we want whenever we want to.

Flagler Beach is super interesting because the sand is red. Tomorrow we’re going to head to Cocoa Beach and we’re going to work out at an Anytime and then shower. Again, it really upset me that I noticed that I was getting Back-ne (back acne) the other day… 

Lastly, tonight we got to watch a live-stream of Chris’s Fraternity Dance Show at UTampa. It was so cool, and I am so happy for him! Buns, Chris, and Sav are in Tampa right now and I wish I were there partying with them. I miss them tons, and sometimes I wish that I weren’t quite so much older than them, especially Sav, who is 8 and a half years younger than me. I can’t believe that Buns will be 21 in April. I definitely want to be there for UT Graduation and Jack’s 21st birthday— I think we’re going to Show Bar! 

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