Post 39: Recognition from a Cool Vanlife Couple

Day 39: 3/29/21 9:53pm 

We got some Vanlife recognition today! We got a follow on Instagram from one of our favorite Vanlife couples: Meghan and Matt. We have really enjoyed the things that they have put out, so it feels really cool to see them recognize us as “one of the gang” or at least worthy of following. For those of you that are interested they do some really cool photography, and they make some great, funny videos as well!

Aug’s leg is really hurting and Zak has been feeling very stressed about his job. We have talked about it a lot and, besides having a baseline amount of money to care for basic needs and savings, we have decided that no amount of money can make a person feel fulfilled– it is the things that you are doing and the people you are with that help us achieve fulfillment. I hope that both him and I find fulfilling careers in the future. Hopefully this year I will be accepted to medical school, and perhaps when Zak leaves his position, he will find something that he is passionate about as well. I am very lucky that I enjoy tutoring and writing, which I am doing now to make money, but also that I am so enthralled and excited by the challenges of medicine and the healthcare system. Speaking of, I have gotten a lot more traction for feedback for my application than I thought! I have appointments with University of Vermont, University of Iowa, and Loyola to talk about where I can improve my application for next cycle.

A little Ghost Crab from our drive tonight back to the Dog Beach! How cool!

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