Post 38: Beer Tasting

Day 38: 3/28/22 10:14pm 

Back about 2 weeks ago while we were in Tampa, we saw Dr. Freundt, my Virology professor. He is currently teaching a class with my Microbiology professor, Dr. Logsdon. The class is called “Fermentation Microbiology” and it is a class that is teaching students about beer, wine, and cheese making (among other things, I’m sure!) As part of their class, they are brewing their own beer in the micro lab and Dr. Freundt gave us two bottles to taste test!

As far as how the beer was made, I believe that they used one type of hops and then changed the strain of yeast for each type of beer. We were given a bottle of their “Philly Sour” (we adore sour beer) and their “Windsor” (a beer that tastes like beer). They made a few other types as well. Here is a picture of the different beers in the lab!

Beer in the Micro Lab

When we were given our bottles, Dr. Freundt said that they needed to sit for a week or a week and a half so that they could carbonate naturally. It’s been 2 weeks now, so you know what that means! It’s finally time to try the beers!

Here is a video of our tasting!

Philly Sour: while we are usually huge fans of fruited sours with fun and funky flavors, this one was actually pretty good! It was light, crispy, and easy to drink. Something that you’d find in a restaurant, for sure. I wouldn’t even know it had been brewed in a micro lab!

Regular Rating: 6/10

Considering that it was brewed by students in a micro lab: 7.5/10

Windsor: A disclaimer, I don’t really like beer that tastes like beer, and I don’t know what a Windsor is supposed to taste like. In Fact, I did not even know that “Windsor” was even a type of beer. However, when I tried this one, I was actually pretty surprised! It reminded us of a Blue Moon/ Shock Top. Pretty fruity and sweet, and while it was a bit heavy, if it were given to me for free at a restaurant, I would definitely drink it!

Regular Rating: 5.5/10

Considering it was brewed by students in a micro lab: 6.5/10

Final remarks: Fermentation Microbiology, you guys did SUCH a good job! If you decide not to go into research or education or corporate America after college, perhaps brewing is for you! Very impressed 🙂

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