Post 36: Dirty, Hungry, and Tired

Day 36: 3/26/22 10:12pm 

Today we woke back up at the same Cracker Barrel in Destin and we were both just SO dirty. Today is Saturday mind you, and the last time I showered and put on clean clothes was Wednesday. Zak last showered on Tuesday! We always feel a little extra dirty when it is hot out too… It gets so humid here in Florida, so we have the extra dirtiness of sweat and swamp ass lol.

We headed over to Henderson State Park to see if we could get a shower pass for their campground, but they necessitate that you camp there. Sometimes you can go to a campground and just use their showers, but no such luck here. We headed on towards Pensacola where we knew there would be an Anytime Fitness close by (our shower savior)!

On the way over to Pensacola, we stopped at a Winn Dixie near Navarre beach and got some groceries. Unfortunately, both of us were monstrously hungry. I usually go into the grocery story alone because I love to look around, but this time, inexplicably, I asked Zak to come with me and we were both grumpy at each other. We were both looking at groceries the other didn’t want, we were wondering where the other was, man, it was a mess. We did end up getting some yummy grocery-store sushi for lunch though.

After our grocery store excursion, we stopped at a beach that we thought we might hang out at for a while, but of course, dogs were not allowed. We ate our sushi looking at the dunes from our back door, took Auggie for a walk in the parking lot, and by the end of all of that, I was just exhausted. I took a nap, and then we headed on to Pensacola.

It was cool to see Pensacola because Zak had spent his last semester of college at EXOS, a training center in Pensacola. I loved hearing his stories and him giving me snippets into his life right before we met. We stopped at a BestBuy so that Zak could get an SD card for his drone, and Zak and I showered in the van in the BestBuy parking lot. We could not take being so dirty anymore!

After Best Buy and our showers we walked all over downtown Pensacola and at the end of the night stopped at Big Top Brewing and got two Dalgona sours (yum!) and 8$ tatchos (tater tot nachos). Yum! We are now at a dog beach in Pensacola beach. It doesn’t say no overnight parking, so we’ll see! Hopefully we don’t get the knock! I believe our key fobs for Anytime Fitness start working either tomorrow or Monday!!! It is awful having to wait for staffed hours to go into the gym. I can’t wait to go in whenever we please! Workout whenever we please! Shower whenever we please! Goodbye oily hair! Goodbye pimples!

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