Post 33: Onward!

Day 33: 3/23/22 11:13pm 

After a nice week with Keith and Kathy, we decided it was time for us to hit the road again! There are a lot of crazy storms coming in from the West and it was just terrible weather this morning. The bad weather, though, called for a very delicious and homey breakfast. I made biscuits and home-made sausage gravy. I made the biscuits out of the Bisquick mix in the pantry and added in some dried rosemary. I didn’t even know that you could make biscuits with pancake mix– but they were so easy and came out great! I’m definitely going to have to try that again. As far as the weather goes though, we were all a little worried about Zak and me getting back on the road in the midst of a possible storm, but when we left this evening it was cloudy, but not too rainy or otherwise ugly out.

Today we went to the library for most of the work day, and I did my taxes (among other, less notable things). And I even got a rebate! Woohoo! When we got home we were going to make dinner but we decided it would be better if we just ate left over pot roast and got on the road because it was evening and we wanted to leave before dark. Zak and I were feeling a little sad when we left. Maybe because it was so yucky out and it was becoming night time. It was also so nice to spend another week with Keith and Kathy and Nanny, whom we had been so used to seeing almost every day for these past 7 months while we were building the van– maybe we were already missing them.

We’re parked right now at Mexico beach. I got to talk to both my mom and my friend Jackie tonight. It was so nice to talk to both of them. My sister is graduating high school and going to college next year, and my mom took her to go see Penn State today, one of the schools she was accepted to. I can’t believe she is so grown up– I still remember like it was yesterday when my mom told me she was having a baby girl. (I was in 3rd grade, and it was my absolute dream to have a little sister).

I’ve known Jackie since I was in 4th grade. Jackie is getting married next Fall and she thinks she has picked out her wedding dress. She is also buying a house with her fianc√© and they are closing on it in May. She is my first close friend to get married, and I am just beside myself with excitement for her. Zak and I looked at the house together on Zillow. It’s so cute. I know she wants to do a bit of fixing up, and I would love to help her when we make it up north this summer.

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