Post 32: Real Estate Investing?

Day 32: 3/22/22 11:26pm 

I am exhausted tonight. Today I went to the library for my first tutoring session, came back, ate and did the pot roast, then went back to the library with Zak, but forgot my computer here so I had to come back again! I guess I had too many things buzzing through my mind too quickly! Then I went back to the library to start my taxes and tutored again. Luckily, I had a cancellation for tutoring today so I had a little extra time to myself.

Right from the library we headed over to East Point Beer Co. for trivia night! We met Dennis, Jennifer, Dennis’s mom, and Keith there. Zak and I both LOVE trivia, so this was an exciting end to our day and made us a little more productive as well! Kathy also came back early today. Keith had to go pick her up from the airport right at the end of trivia. In addition, because Jennifer and Dennis’s mom left for Bingo half way through trivia, we drove Dennis back with us. We all had pot roast together, and then I had some more ice cream (yum!).

Zak at Trivia

Zak is really considering buying a house down here– he wants to get into real estate investing. I think that it might be a good idea, honestly. It is beautiful down here. However, I also worry mildly because I’m not completely prepared to take on the responsibility of a rental property while we are so new to being on the road. I feel like we barely have our own routine down yet. But this will all get figured out, I’m sure. I think that real estate investing would be interesting. Do you have any experience in real estate investing? Let us know in the comments!

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