Post 31: Vanlife Productivity Troubles

Day 32: 3/21/22 10:27pm 

Today I woke up really wanting to be productive but we don’t have any internet in the house yet and my Verizon Hotspot is terrible! Unfortunately, it oftentimes doesn’t take much for me to get off track, so no internet put me in a bit of a productivity funk. Luckily, we ended up going to the library this afternoon in Apalachicola and then we went to the grocery store (I got a pot roast that I am going to stick in the crock pot! So excited!!). Before we go to the library tomorrow I am going to put in the pot roast, so that it has all day to tenderize and get all yummy! I made copycat Chicken Shack sandwiches and they were a big hit!

After making dinner, though, I was totally pooped. We really need to do more working out. I feel kinda yucky. I got up 4 blog posts today, changed my address to my parents house, and messaged a whole bunch of people to see if I could start getting my taxes done. I need to check my blue folder to see if I have any W2s in there. Not sure what else honestly. Also figured out how much our van build was about 38k including labor (again, more on that in a different blog post). Luckily, getting to the library helped me reorganize and tackle some big projects! Vanlife can be very tough for work because the internet connection is not always stable. In addition, I do my best work when my house and my workspace are separated. I am very grateful for places like libraries and Paneras, which have free WiFi and offer a separate work space!

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