Post 30: New Friends!

Day 31: 3/21/22 12:47am 

Today was a nice day. Zak and I got out of bed at 10 (that’s pretty late for us), went on a run, and talked with the neighbors, Dennis and Jennifer. They are both really sweet, and have kids that are about our age.

We worked a bit on our van build cost analysis. We did this partially out of interest, but also because we were trying to get appropriate insurance on the van. Turns out we spent about 15k on the van build (not including the van). We will create a blog post and a video that explains this in much greater detail.

Kathy left for GA this afternoon to see her sister and nieces. Keith and Nanny got home from St. Augustine at 2:45. Keith brought home crawfish which we tried tonight and they were okay, not my favorite, but not terrible either!

Zak and I went to East Point Beer Co. with Dennis, Jennifer and Dennis’s mom. It was really fun, and because both Dennis and Jennifer work in the medical field (Jennifer is a nurse and Dennis is a scrub tech) I had the opportunity to pick their brains about medicine and what they enjoy and what they don’t. I think that it helped inform some of my expectations about medicine. For example, they said that OBGYNs aren’t often home, because babies aren’t born on a 9-5 schedule. I would like to know more about this and about different specialties.

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