Post 3: Leaving Tybee to go to the Beach!

Day 3 (Technically) – 2/21/22 1:51am 

Zak is a SUPER light sleeper and he just got up because he heard someone pull in. Now that I’m looking, they are completely on the other side of the parking lot, so I have no idea how he heard this, but we’ll leave Zak’s super sonic ears alone right now. 

The truck that pulled in is huge and has these yellow/ orange lights on top. Truthfully, it does look a bit like a tow truck, but its completely on the other side of the parking lot and it seems to be dealing with the huge planks of wood that are over there. Plus, I feel like if they were going to tow us for some reason, they’d have to come over here, right? 

Zak says there’s a forklift on it. Definitely not a tow truck— or at least any tow truck I’ve ever seen. I literally just can’t believe that he heard that. Like do you even sleep? Anyhow, minus the minor inconvenience of waking up, I’m glad that he’s concerned for us.

2/21/22 10:08pm

Ok! Day 2 on the road is in the books! We are currently sleeping right next to the beach at St. Simon’s Island, GA. I cannot explain how truly beautiful it is, and how awesome it is to hear the waves lapping up on the shore. Plus, we both have amazing service and I’m all full on Panera— so that’s more than we could have asked for! 


We woke up this morning and a super small Promaster was also in the parking lot! It’s cool to know that there are more people out there like us. Thus far we’ve seen quite a few RVs, and they tend to be filled with retirees. We didn’t talk to Tiny Promaster Guy this morning, but it was just a cool to see him there– it’s like an unspoken connection. 

After we woke up this morning we drove over to the Tybee Island sign, and spend a few hours trying to get everything together. Organize, clean, that sort of thing. I also used my she-pee for the first time! It was awesome! I don’t know how I ever peed without that thing. I’m sure that it was SUCH an inconvenience! (For those of you that don’t know, a she-pee is a silicone funnel designed for women so they can pee standing up and they don’t accidentally pee on their pants or their ankles or wherever when they’re not in an actual bathroom.) I asked for a she-pee for Christmas this year, and my awesome brother, Braden, totally delivered! (Thanks, Buns!) 

Rutabaga at the Tybee Island Sign, where we made breakfast and I peed with my she-pee!

Along with using the she-pee (the big event of the day), we actually cooked breakfast which was awesome. And we got to sit with the sun on us and look out at the beautiful marsh… never thought I’d say that… beautiful marsh. Lol. But really, it was so idyllic. Warm sun, good food, comfortable seat, and no schedule. 

Zak and I went to ACE again today to try to finish the plumbing and Aug got even more treats and pets. It’s really nice to bring her everywhere with us now because she is getting more and more used to strangers. Anyhow, we’re pretty close to finishing the plumbing, although we didn’t completely finish today. We got too hungry and tired to work anymore. While building out the van we learned that it is very dangerous for us to work together when we are both hungry and tired.

We are also trying to switch our sleeping arrangement on account of Zak’s super sonic ears, light sleeping, and teeny bladder. (Plus, he tends to get up a bit earlier than me.) Zak is going to try to sleep on the outside closer to the hall/kitchen, and I am going to sleep next to the back doors. That way he doesn’t need to climb over me when he pees or when he hears something, or when he wakes up in the morning. That would be a lot of climbing! 

It’s weird (but also good??) to not have a mirror in here– not even in the front window visors. I could feel all day that I have this little pimple on my face, but because I can’t see it I haven’t been nearly as motivated to play with it! 

I am going to try to journal more regularly throughout the day. Journaling on my phone (instead of in my actual journal) is bringing back memories of journaling on trail, and there is nothing that I look more fondly upon than my trail journal. Looking back on it, I wish so badly that I had blogged during trail, so now I have a second chance! 

Oh, and I almost forgot!! Today we completely filled up our water tank at a Love’s Travel Stop– first time! Turns out that you can fill up your RV/ Van for free and you can also dump your grey/black water for a fee. Awesome!

Filling up our water tank for the first time at Love’s

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