Post 29: An Unfortunate Rib Cook Off

Day 30: 3/20/22 12:18am 

Gonzaga won against Memphis. It was an awesome game!

This morning we went to the rib cook off at the East Point Fire Dept. and it was not so good. Unfortunately, it rained the whole time, and while we were in line asking about how the ticket system worked, some lady stuck her arm right in between Zak and Kathy, trying to give the ticket people her money! From behind us she declared she was “afraid they would run out”. (Of one rib meal at 11am? I don’t think so…)

We ended up bringing home our ribs, and the food was also… not so good. We all decided that we will leave firefighting to firefighters, and ribs to the BBQ joint in town. We all felt a little yucky after that so Kathy and I napped and Zak watched basketball.

Later, we went over to St. George’s Island and Kathy went into the lighthouse shop while Zak and I stayed outside with the pups. After telling him about our van trip, the guy at the lighthouse was very quick to say that East Point/ St. George’s Island was as good as it was going to get, and that everything about California except for the weather sucked… I really don’t like it when people force their negative opinions on me! It’s unnecessary, and frankly, I didn’t ask.

We then went home and ate snacks and drank beer and played games. Rummy and scrabble. Ended the night with basketball. I also found out that my most favorite high school teacher, Mr. Caffrey, is retiring at the end of this year… that makes me so sad, but also the school system is changing so much… I didn’t ask about the details of Mr. Caffrey’s retiring, but based on what I have seen from so many teachers this year, it is a very tough time to be a teacher. Sending all of my love to all of the teachers out there. Teachers have been some of the most important, inspiring people in my life and have made me into who I am today. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all you do.

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