Post 28: A Month on the Road

Day 29: 3/19/22 12:03am

Okay so here we are! 1 month! Today was a good day. Keith and Nanny left for St. Augustine this morning to see Morgan and Trey and Lil’ Will. So, Kathy, Zak, and I all got to hang out.

Auggie came to the beach with us today and we saw a lot of snails, conchs, and hermit crabs and picked up a lot of trash including a hat and an umbrella. It makes me so sad to see so much litter around the beach. I always try to pick as much up as I can and bring it to the nearest garbage bin, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder if that same stuff is going to end back up in the very same place: the ocean. Having spent so much time at so many beaches recently, I’ve seen a lot more plastic waste (and balloons!) than I’ve cared to see, and it’s made me much more conscious of the plastic that I buy/ use. I am trying now to use bar soaps instead of bottled soaps. Any other suggestions to reduce my plastic intake?

Later, Zak, Kathy and I walked around Apalachicola which was super nice. We walked around all of the little shops and got to see some cute things! Although Auggie’s Kong harness finally broke after 3.5 years… Luckily there was an outfitter in town that had more harnesses. We ended up getting her a Ruff Wear harness with a front lead. It fits her super well, and I love the front lead– it keeps her from pulling so much!

Tonight I made bruschetta and chicken for dinner and Zak helped me make the broccoli. We have a ton of left overs. LSU lost to Iowa state but Iowa state played amazing. Had awesome Neapolitan ice cream with flax seeds and sea salt on top– YUM!

Lastly, today was Match Day* at medical schools and I felt… jealous? Like I should be there. I know my time is coming. I can do this! I can make this happen! I will become a doctor!

* Match day is when all of the 4th year medical students get matched (or not) with their residency placements.

Zak, Kathy, and me in Apalachicola

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