Post 27: Officially the Most Handy Child!

Day 27: 3/17/22 10:37pm 

It’s St. Patrick’s day today! Today was actually a very tired day for me although it was nice and sunny and warm out. I’ve been eating crappy while I’ve been here. Maybe that’s it.

Zak and I brought Aug down to the beach and we saw all sorts of hermit crabs and conchs! Later Aug got a ton of hives and she woke up this morning with a lame back leg! I think she hurt it yesterday when she was jumping up on the door when Bear (the neighbor’s dog) came over.

Iowa lost today and so did Kentucky to the St. Peter’s Peacocks!!! I made really good cheese steaks tonight and bought a growler of mixed sour beer from East Point Beer Co. where this guy brought his parrot along! lol.

Also got to talk to mom and Michael today. Michael said that I’ve now moved up the rank to his most handy child!! Score!

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