Post 26: Crab Legs and BAD CHICKEN

Day 26: 3/16/22 11:22pm

Today was a nice, sunny warm day. Zak and I went to the library in Appalachicola and it was very nice. While we were there, I got out 2 blog posts and put in some UpWork proposals. (I am trying to find a job that does not require me to be on video calls all of the time, and I think that freelance writing/copyediting might be a good option for me).

Later, we came home and I got to meet Dennis from next door and it turns out that his mom spent some time growing up in Schenectady! Crazy how small the world is. Keith steamed crab legs for dinner and they were delicious. He always does the best job with seafood.

Zak and I also got an Instagram post out. I’m pretty tired but I got a message about my UpWork proposal so I’m really excited about that! Moving to the final round!!!

Oh and also, that horrible, terrible, nauseating smell emanating from our fridge? We finally figured out what it was… the chicken! 🤢🤢🤢

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