Post 23: Rutabaga Got a Tattoo!

Day 24: 3/14/22 12:46am

This weekend was a long one, but also an awesome one. Because of the time change, Zak and I woke up at noon today (we stayed up late again last night). When we woke up though, nobody was at Georgia and Justin’s– we were home alone! (Well, really we were home alone in the driveway…Driveway alone?) We decided to take Auggie on a nice long walk and then went to go see Chris and Buns in Tampa.

While we were there, Auggie met Winston, Buns’s new puppy. Auggie can be a little bit funny with other dogs, but she was actually really good! Auggie spent a LOT of time growling at him and letting him know who was going to be the dominant personality in the situation, but they actually played for a while! Aug never plays with other dogs, so that was awesome to experience! They did get in one fight, but it was over a toy, so that was not-unexpected, and they were easy to break up. Zak and I and the boys went to Noble Crust together too and brought Moosey (Chris’s dog) and Aug and ate some snacks/ pizza.

After Noble Crust, we headed back to GA and Justin’s to give everyone a final hug and goodbye since everyone’s week starts up again tomorrow and Lee and Johana leave to go back to England tomorrow as well. Hanging at GA and Justin’s is always great– we chatted and hung out, and GA made us decals of our instagram tag that we put on the van! (We call them Rutabaga’s tramp stamps. LOL)

When we left, we headed back to the boys’ house and we watched the new movie “Dog” with Channing Tatum. It was really good! (I was worried because usually movies that star dogs end up with dead dogs, but no dead dogs in this one!) After Dog, we watched Zoolander (one of my new quotable favorites). I don’t think either of the boys had seen that yet! I waited to leave until I got to the “center for ants” part. Lol. We did also get some Fresh Kitchen today (one of our favorites in the St. Pete/ Tampa area) and it was just as awesome as we remembered.

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