Post 19: For the Love of Burgers

Day 20: 3/10/22 9:23pm

Today was cloudy and rainy. We spent a ton of time in Panera this morning where I tutored and worked on the blog and looked up Panera hacks. (I love a good deal!) Then Zak and I went to Shake Shack for lunch!!! What a treat!!! I have been thinking about this Shake Shack trip for so long now… I absolutely LOVE Shake Shack, and actually made Zak bring me there for Valentine’s Day last year. Very romantic!

This time, we split a Chicken Shack (their version of the fried chicken sandwich) and a Shack Stack, which is a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, and their special seasoned mayo-based “Shack Sauce” WITH a fried, cheese-stuffed portabello mushroom!!!! Although, it was almost $12 for just the burger…

Unfortunately, the Shack Stack, my absolute favorite burger of all time, was not even that good today 🙁 Although I will say that the Chicken Shack was AH-MAZING. I’m definitely going to have to try to make that at home, because my mind was BLOWN!

After Shake Shack we drove to Bradenton and spent some time at Motorworks Brewing. They had great beer and Auggie got to sit inside with us! Although after that, we did have to go to another Panera so I could tutor again. When we got there, Zak said he was in the mood for food, so we split a U-Pick-2, a coffee from the subscription, and a $0.99 pastry. However, we decided that because you have to buy the drink, it usually just makes more sense to forget the drink and just buy the pastry at full price. (Depending on the pastry).

Now we’re at a rest stop on the skyway bridge. The bridge is currently lit up blue and yellow to show support for the Ukrainians. It’s so weird to be back so close to our home. The rest stop does have a sign that says we can’t stay for more than 3 hours, but a cop told us we could try this place out… hopefully we don’t get the knock!

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