Post 18: Med School Waitlist

Day 19: 3/9/22 10:37pm

We worked out at an Anytime Fitness in Sarasota today and then went to Publix where we got a ton of stuff on sale! Woohoo! Rana Ravioli were only $2!!! (Sometimes they can be upward of $5.50/ bag so this was very exciting.) The Publix Sale was also super exciting because Publix NEVER seems to have sales! Great food, but crazy expensive. After that, we went to Bird Key Park in Sarasota and had a nice nap. Bird Key Park is beautiful… a nice place to get some not-so-great news…

The results from the University of Iowa (Carver College of Medicine) were not what I was hoping for. I was put on the non-resident alternate list… number 87 out of 100. While every year is variable, with this standing and the competition that has taken place this year, I don’t have a very high chance of getting in. Although, as I have been looking I have already moved up to space 79. I am trying to be as positive as possible, but I also need to be proactive in my next steps. If I do not end up getting into Carver, then I need to be prepared to reapply this coming cycle.

Although I am very disappointed at this news and had a good, but short cry when I called my mom and Michael (my wonderful step-dad) tonight, maybe this is a sign. Maybe this is my chance to read more about medicine and elaborate on my thoughts. Maybe this is my chance to volunteer more. Maybe this is my chance to truly enjoy this van adventure that we are on. Everything happens for a reason.

Zak took me out for ice cream tonight at Main Street Creamery to help me feel a little better about the news. It was really nice. We didn’t take Auggie and it was so nice just to have some “us” time. Obviously, we both love Auggie deeply, but it was so nice to have some time that we didn’t have to worry about how Auggie was doing with the other people around, or if there were other dogs, or if someone might step on her. I wonder if this is what people with kids feel like.

While we were out tonight there was so much dancing and music and general, happy hubbub going on at the Mexican Cantina next to us. It was so lively and vibrant. For almost 3 years now, Zak and I have been saying that we want to take dance lessons together. Still haven’t done it. Maybe this year is the year?

I wonder if I should take another MCAT practice test… really, I need more money to get this process started again!! Everyone knows that med school itself is expensive, but the application process is not cheap either!

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