Post 17: Panera Subscription

Day 18: 3/8/22 11:46pm

Okay so here we go: 

  • gas prices are at an all time high including 2008 
  • Our pans got stuck in our drawer AGAIN and I literally had to take the drawer slides out and everything. BUT I did fix the handle of our silverware drawer in the mean time so that’s good. 
  • Our pee jug smells like a big old jug of farts, is that normal? 
  • Signed up for the Panera coffee thing** so that we can use Panera wifi whenever. And 3 months free… score! 
  • Worked on the blog a ton today!!!! It’s honestly really cool and it’s fun working on WordPress. I’m so excited about it and I think that Zak and I are gonna take a few hours tomorrow to come up with some more ideas 
  • Zak is taking a sick day tomorrow 
  • Jackie looked at churches today for the wedding 
  • We didn’t eat dinner because of the pan mishap 
  • Eating is just so inconvenient now that I just don’t do it that often.
  • Today is National Women’s Day and Elana from camp tagged me in this sweet post which made me feel great and think about all of the women in my life that inspire me!
  • Not sure what else besides needing to sleep. Gonna stay in Sarasota for a bit. We like it here.

**We currently have the Panera Coffee Subscription, which is unlimited coffee for $8.99/mo. It’s unlimited in that you can get a cup of coffee every 2 hours. That completely pays itself off if you just go twice a month! Especially compared to Starbucks. (Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with Panera, except for the hours and hours I sit in their cafe. But I do really like their Coffee Subscription.)

All of the pictures below are from Sarasota Bayfront Park and Marina.

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