Post 16: Overflow Under the Sink

Day 17: 3/7/22 10:31pm

I’m not going to lie: I’m feeling exhausted and a little pissed right now. We just dealt with a freaking grey water jug catastrophe! We have our sink hooked up to a 7 gallon jug under the sink, however, where the tube and the jug meet is not entirely closed off. As I was doing dishes, Zak suggested that we look under the sink to see where the water level was, and we had probably a quarter inch of disgusting grey water on the floor under our sink. We apparently haven’t been looking at it enough, and of course it completely overflowed. Luckily we had a towel under the sink to begin with to hold our jug in place, but now that bad boy is covered in gross dirty sink water too… and who knows when we will do our next load of laundry!

Also I accidentally broke the bracelet that Savvy got me– I got it caught in the drawer. I think I might be able to fix it though. (I hope– I like always having a little piece of home attached to me).

So getting back to the events of the day…

We woke up in Punta Gorda Home Depot parking lot this morning and when I went out to play with Aug some guy drove by and told me that he “loved my dog”. Cool, right? A little bit later though, he recognized me in the store and he asked what kind of dog Aug was. I’ve been a bit tired of telling people that she’s a “mixed breed”. She is a mixed breed technically, but she’s obviously very Pitty, and since he “loved my dog” I figured I’d let him know that she was a Pitty. However, when I told him, he then launched into a 5 minute monologue telling me how he’s cautious of pits and how pits are territorial, blah blah. I didn’t ask for your opinion, man! Also, if you loved my dog earlier, the only thing that changed was that I told you her breed. She wasn’t even with me in the store! (And thank goodness for that, I might have sicked her on him! Just kidding. She doesn’t know how to get anything but a ball.)

After that whole ordeal, we drove to Sarasota and Zak got to take some meetings in a Panera and I think that worked out really well for him. I need to find a way to make money that doesn’t necessitate me being on a video call. For the freedom we want during the day, ideally I would find a job that is metrics/ performance based. I was thinking about freelance writing, as that can be done at any time of the day. Although I did just find an email about Varsity Tutors offering $22/h for small group tutoring with Success Academy. I will say though, while that is more money than I usually get, I am not a big fan of small group instruction online.

I am exhausted. Sarasota is beautiful. Finding free overnight parking is particularly hard to do at night. We know that there are RV sites that we could go to, but part of this journey is being able to save money where we can, so we’re not really looking to spend $15+/ night just to park. However, with city parking, there is always that concern that you might get “the knock”. We are currently out in front of a church in some 3 h parking that closes during the nighttime so we might be okay. Will probably be ok.

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