Day 16: 3/6/22 10:15pm

We are in a Home Depot parking lot in Punta Gorda, FL. We both finally showered tonight in the van. We were SO dirty.

This morning we woke up in Naples and walked around and then walked the pier. Unfortunately, no pets allowed, so Zak and I had to go separately. Luckily, Aug got lots of pets while Zak waited and then I waited with her. Aug also got a Frisbee from a pet parade in Downtown Naples, but she completely destroyed it within a matter of minutes! We also drove to Point Ybel Brewing in Ft. Myers, FL and enjoyed awesome sours with Aug!

Also, today we stopped at a pull off on Sanibel Island which was super nice, but we had the stinkiest dang shrimp it was so bad we had to throw it out. Note to self, and also note to all of you reading this, do NOT buy Winn Dixie’s quick-sale seafood! Honestly, as I’m writing this now, this seems like completely obvious advice, but it seems like it wasn’t so obvious to me when I bought it!

I valiantly peeled and deveined and washed this shrimp like it might magically not turn stinky or mildly slimy or gross.… dumb. Waste of time. Once I started to cook, it just got so much worse, we didn’t even want to feed it to Aug. Smelt like food poisoning waiting to happen. Honestly, it makes me feel a little sick just writing about it…

Some other random thoughts and events from the day:

  • We got front window covers at auto zone! They’re not perfect but they do the job and they fold up just like the front one– and they were only $10.
  • I am exhausted.
  • Going to the gym tomorrow again for the first time since Thursday!
  • Also our battery finally got up to 13.43!
  • Ok time for bed and blogging tomorrow.
  • I also need to look out for a new job.
  • We are so close to Tampa it’s crazy!

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