Post 13: Our Sleeping Spot Was Closed!

Day 13: 3/3/22 1:13pm 

Okay— so another thing we are aware of now: when we turn the induction stove on, the voltage reading for our batteries drops quite a bit! But once the stove is turned off, the voltage goes back up… what gives? 


Today we got water, went to the gym, and I tutored. Very productive. I need to find a way to make money, but ideally I would like to work for myself and not someone else— especially while I am remote. Freelancing seems to be the best way to do this. I have an account on UpWork, but I haven’t given it an honest try yet… I need to maybe watch a few videos about how people land jobs on that platform. Or maybe I need to be looking in other places for freelance work. I love to write and edit other peoples’ writing. I also love to read. I think it would be so cool to be a voice actor for an audiobook, but I think that I might be getting a little off track here… 

Tonight we wanted to stay at Accursio Farms, but we got there too late and the gates were locked 🙁 We are now at the casino about 10 mins away. Zak is very stressed about work and wants us to make a better effort to stay in one spot for longer so he can work for more than an hour at a time. This is fair— I would honestly like that too. I just feel like we haven’t found any places that have been accommodating to Vanlifers on the east coast of Florida. It might be easier inland, but it is getting so hot– we need that sea breeze!

We were just watching a video about coolest (most awesome, not coldest) places in Florida, and St. Augustine was on there and we wondered why we didn’t stay longer to go explore the city. We think that it is because we still had some residual normal-society-rush left in us. We felt like we were on a time limit and had a destination to get to— but really, we don’t have a time limit or destination! We’re trying to remember that we’re not actually in a hurry to go anywhere. This is a trip about taking our time, enjoying ourselves, and not being on anyone else’s schedule. It is such a blessing to have this type of time and freedom.  

By the way, I had the BEST gelato today. It was from Glyk Gelato in Boca Raton and it was sweet corn flavored! Yeah, you heard me! Sweet corn!!! That one is definitely going onto the food part of this blog. 🙂

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