Post 12: Battery Anxiety, Porta-Potties and Our First Harvest Hosts Stay

Day 12: 3/2/22 7:10pm 

Now I’m all anxious about the batteries! (Especially because we haven’t gotten up to 100% yet.) It was really cloudy all day and a bit rainy too, so our batteries did not get the juice they wanted— or rather they didn’t get the juice that I wanted them to get.

Zak took a whole bunch of meetings in some bagel shop today that he was convinced was a drug front (although they did have awesome bagels, so good job on that, guys!) and while he was in there, I stayed in the van with Aug, called mom, and worked on some chores like setting up the Thetford.**

I’m currently sitting on our bed while Zak is pooping for the first time in the Thetford. I actually pooped first today while Zak was still taking his meetings. I just had to make sure it worked! (Which it did!) Anyhow, I’m listening to music through my headphones. (Currently a little throwback Britney.) And Zak’s watching a video about the invasion of Ukraine… We had to make sure we were both wearing headphones. Not trying to test the boundaries of our relationship too much yet!

** The Thetford is our little PortaPotti. Basically, it has a holding tank at the bottom and some water in the top area, and it seems to work like a mix of an airplane toilet and an actual PortaPotti. 


So Vanlife has got me back on AT schedule, which basically means that when the sun is down, I am down. Thus far, our batteries are draining QUICKLY since we still haven’t been able to get them up to 100%. I can’t wait to start blogging. I need to get on that…

Work was really stressful for Zak today. Our hotspots are basically done now. Luckily mine revamps on the 4th.

Today we also drove through West Palm Beach. It was very busy and Zak had to join a meeting, but unfortunately wasn’t able to join because of bad service.

While I thought he was on the meeting, I went for a little walk with Auggie around the city and figured I would look up the Palm Beach Grill, whose Silver Service Hot Dog I have been wanting to try for 5 years! Just by chance they happened to be only a 5 minute drive from where we were, but when I called, I found out two things: they are only open for dinner, and they do not do ANY take out meals. How disappointing! I suppose I’ll be delayed on trying this hot dog for a little longer… Luckily the city was beautiful and I also happened upon these houses that look like they’re being picked up and moved to a new place!

Tonight we are staying at our first Harvest Hosts! It is called Bedner’s Farmers Market. It has been amazing so far! They have the best little store and the best shrimp and corn chowder! (I’m so glad that we got the big soup size instead of the small one.) They have SO much fresh produce and baked goods and soups and wine! Totally my type of place! It was really feeding into my fantasy of opening up a little B&B Farm/ Hostel.

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