VAN BUILD POST 10: Van Plumbing Diagram

Here is our van shower plumbing diagram! This will be particularly useful for figuring out different materials you may need or how you may want to design plumbing in your own van. I’ve listed the comprehensive list of materials below, although the number of elbows connectors and the length of Pex will change based on the amount of space you have and your set up.



  • One of the biggest things we would have changed is getting a bigger water tank than 30 gallons. If we are conservative, 30 gallons will last us about 5-7 days, not using our van shower. However, we made our shower, so why not use it?! 40 or 50 gallons would have been super nice.
  • We made a huge mistake in not putting a grey water tank under our shower. Currently, we use biodegradable soaps and let the water run onto the ground, but it makes it tough for us to shower because we hate spilling water like that onto the ground.. (it draws a lot of attention!)
  • We wish we had a better system for holding our sink grey water. Currently, it goes into a 7 gallon blue tank under our sink, but the tank is open at the top where the line drains in, so we have had quite a few overflows.
  • Other than that though, we really enjoy our plumbing system, and have had no problems with it thus far. Shark Bite has made things SUPER easy!

YouTube Video

Here is our shower, sink, and plumbing video. As always, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out through the comments or through our contact page!

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