Med School Interview in a Van

Hey everyone! Sorry tonight’s post is coming in late, but I’ve spent most of today in a medical school interview at the University of Florida! So, maybe you’re wondering: How do you do an interview in the van? Let me tell you!

Interview Attire

I carry my suit in the back. We only have one coat hanger in the van, which I hang on out hat hooks. The coat hanger holds my suit and a dress–just in case I want to switch it up. I have a pair of heels and a pair of flats as well. I wear neutral jewelry and I have one tube of mascara in my bathroom bag. This helps make my eyes look a bit bigger if I am on Zoom!

What About In Person Interviews?

For my in-person interviews, one time I flew to my destination and got a hotel, while the other Zak and I drove to the location. We would have driven to both, but I got such a great deal for the plane tickets, the first time around! For both in-person interviews, we stayed at a hotel the night before. This allowed me to get a great night’s sleep and shower the morning of my interview! The morning of, Zak drove me to the school and then picked me up afterwards. (Getting dropped off and picked up by the van was very exciting on the interview day!)

Getting dropped off at the University of Iowa on my interview day in September!

Virtual Interviews?

I suppose I could have taken my virtual interview in the van. We have a Verizon Mifi, which gives me great Wifi as long as I have good Verizon service. The only problem is that I can’t kick Auggie and Zak out of the van all day long. So, previous to meeting our friends Grayson and Harrison, Zak and I thought that I was either going to take the interview in a hotel room or in a library study room (which you can rent out at public libraries.) Luckily, however, we have been at Grayson and Harrison’s for the past week, so I was able to take the interview upstairs at their house today. This was super great in terms of privacy and Wifi. I am very grateful for the vanlife friends that we have made! Funny to think that I took a medical school interview in a house that were perfect strangers just a few weeks ago!

Since we are 2 hours behind in Montana, I had to get up much earlier than I might have otherwise, but I also got done with my interview at 1:45pm here. I had a much needed nap after the interview, and now we are celebrating with pizza, ice cream, and watching a new funny show!

Interview pic from today!

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