Post 5: St. Simon's Day 2/ Everyone is in a Rush
Day 5: 2/23/22 6:50am I woke up pretty early today and I think it’s because the square butt cushion keeps moving on me when I sleep. I felt like a good idea to have multiple cushions for our...
Post 4: St. Simon's Island, Day 1
Day 4: 2/22/22 11:11pm  Woah! Crazy number, crazy day! Tuesday! Twos-day! AND it’s 11:11!  We woke up this morning at St. Simon’s beach and Zak had to poop really bad so he walked to Massengale...
Post 3: Leaving Tybee to go to the Beach!
Day 3 (Technically) – 2/21/22 1:51am  Zak is a SUPER light sleeper and he just got up because he heard someone pull in. Now that I’m looking, they are completely on the other side...
Post 2: The First Day on Our Own
Day 2: 2/20/21 11:02pm We woke up this morning in Liz and Reed’s (very, very comfy) guest bed and the morning was a whirlwind after that… Walking the dogs, showering, and saying goodbye and...
Post 1: Leaving Out
Day 1: 2/19/22 11:46pm It was exciting for us to leave on the 19th because 19 is both mine and Zak’s lucky number (I was born on the 19th and Zak’s sports numbers were always 19). In addition,...
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