Day 16: 3/6/22 10:15pm We are in a Home Depot parking lot in Punta Gorda, FL. We both finally showered tonight in the van. We were SO dirty. This morning we woke up in Naples and walked...
Post 14: Unexpected Airboat Tour
Day 15: 3/5/22 9:05pm Last night I was SO exhausted I didn’t even journal. We slept at Village Green Park in Key Biscayne. We finished dishes after dinner and I was out. We didn’t even put...
Post 13: Our Sleeping Spot Was Closed!
Day 13: 3/3/22 1:13pm  Okay— so another thing we are aware of now: when we turn the induction stove on, the voltage reading for our batteries drops quite a bit! But once the stove is turned...
Post 12: Battery Anxiety, Porta-Potties and Our First Harvest Hosts Stay
Day 12: 3/2/22 7:10pm  Now I’m all anxious about the batteries! (Especially because we haven’t gotten up to 100% yet.) It was really cloudy all day and a bit rainy too, so our batteries did...
Post 11: Dead Batteries
3/1/22 2:01am  I just woke up from a lot of beeping from our inverter, so I reached over Zak to turn it off. And then as I laid back down I was thinking, “Oh man, our battery might be...
Post 10: Daytime Thoughts and Daily Errands
Day 10: 2/28/22 11:58 am  WE NEED A GYM BAG WITH SEPARATE GYM THINGS.  5:10 pm  WE NEED TO PICK OUR SLEEPING SPOTS AHEAD OF TIME. 10:06 pm  I am absolutely extinguished...
Post 9: Our First Night at Lowes and Little Road Bumps
Day 9: 2/27/22 10:03pm  We are sleeping in a Lowe’s Parking Lot tonight near Indian Harbour Beach. We spoke to a nice lady named Tammy who worked at Lowes and she told us that we could...
Post 8: Flagler Beach and Chris's Fraternity Show
Day 8: 2/26/22 9:54pm  Today we stayed at Trey and Morgan’s until about 5pm or so, and then we headed out to Flagler Beach. Lil’ Will is SO adorable. And Trey’s food is amazing. I also...
Post 7: Leaving St. Simon's and Going to St. Augustine
Day 7: 2/25/22 10:39pm  Last night we slept in the lighthouse parking at St. Simon’s Island by the downtown area of St. Simon’s. It was SOOOO humid when we woke up and I felt EXTRA dirty....
Post 6: Lurkers and Accidents
Day 6: 2/24/22 3:59pm  LOL so I had my first pee-pee accident on a carpet since I was probably a toddler. So Zak has this pee jug and Buns (my brother Braden’s nickname) got me a She-Pee for...
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