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Day 21: 3/11/22 3:47am 2:22 am and we got our first knock! This guy knocked pretty darn hard too, and that scared the crap out of both of us! Once we realized what was happening, Zak peeked...
Post 19: For the Love of Burgers
Day 20: 3/10/22 9:23pm Today was cloudy and rainy. We spent a ton of time in Panera this morning where I tutored and worked on the blog and looked up Panera hacks. (I love a good deal!) Then...
Post 18: Med School Waitlist
Day 19: 3/9/22 10:37pm We worked out at an Anytime Fitness in Sarasota today and then went to Publix where we got a ton of stuff on sale! Woohoo! Rana Ravioli were only $2!!! (Sometimes they...
Post 17: Panera Subscription
Day 18: 3/8/22 11:46pm Okay so here we go:  gas prices are at an all time high including 2008  Our pans got stuck in our drawer AGAIN and I literally had to take the drawer slides out...
Post 28: A Month on the Road
Day 29: 3/19/22 12:03am Okay so here we are! 1 month! Today was a good day. Keith and Nanny left for St. Augustine this morning to see Morgan and Trey and Lil’ Will. So, Kathy, Zak, and...
Post 29: An Unfortunate Rib Cook Off
Day 30: 3/20/22 12:18am  Gonzaga won against Memphis. It was an awesome game! This morning we went to the rib cook off at the East Point Fire Dept. and it was not so good. Unfortunately,...
Post 27: Officially the Most Handy Child!
Day 27: 3/17/22 10:37pm  It’s St. Patrick’s day today! Today was actually a very tired day for me although it was nice and sunny and warm out. I’ve been eating crappy while I’ve...
Post 26: Crab Legs and BAD CHICKEN
Day 26: 3/16/22 11:22pm Today was a nice, sunny warm day. Zak and I went to the library in Appalachicola and it was very nice. While we were there, I got out 2 blog posts and put in some UpWork...
Post 25: Our First (and Last) 5 Hour Drive During Vanlife
Zak and I, before #Vanlife, have taken a LOT of road trips, and quite a few of those road trips have been 6+ hours. We have driven to NY from FL (and back) twice and from GA to IA and back, so...
Post 16: Overflow Under the Sink
Day 17: 3/7/22 10:31pm I’m not going to lie: I’m feeling exhausted and a little pissed right now. We just dealt with a freaking grey water jug catastrophe! We have our sink hooked...
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