Post 32: Real Estate Investing?
Day 32: 3/22/22 11:26pm  I am exhausted tonight. Today I went to the library for my first tutoring session, came back, ate and did the pot roast, then went back to the library with Zak,...
Post 31: Vanlife Productivity Troubles
Day 32: 3/21/22 10:27pm  Today I woke up really wanting to be productive but we don’t have any internet in the house yet and my Verizon Hotspot is terrible! Unfortunately, it oftentimes...
Post 30: New Friends!
Day 31: 3/21/22 12:47am  Today was a nice day. Zak and I got out of bed at 10 (that’s pretty late for us), went on a run, and talked with the neighbors, Dennis and Jennifer. They...
How to: Vanlife Chores
A post about how to manage weekly vanlife chores and how to regain time for adventuring!
Post 39: Recognition from a Cool Vanlife Couple
Day 39: 3/29/21 9:53pm  We got some Vanlife recognition today! We got a follow on Instagram from one of our favorite Vanlife couples: Meghan and Matt. We have really enjoyed the things...
Post 38: Beer Tasting
Day 38: 3/28/22 10:14pm  Back about 2 weeks ago while we were in Tampa, we saw Dr. Freundt, my Virology professor. He is currently teaching a class with my Microbiology professor, Dr....
Post 24: Beer on Pi Day
Day 24 3/14/22 What a special day today! I have been so excited about Pi Day coming up. I LOVE pie (and pi)!!!! Today was our last day in Tampa for a little while, and I wanted to show some...
Post 23: Rutabaga Got a Tattoo!
Day 24: 3/14/22 12:46am This weekend was a long one, but also an awesome one. Because of the time change, Zak and I woke up at noon today (we stayed up late again last night). When we woke...
Post 22: Back in the 813- Part 2
3/13/22 This morning at 6:30am Zak and I woke up to a very loud “BOO!” from Georgia and Justin’s sweet, energetic, 5-year-old, Evie. Exhausted and mildly hungover, I asked...
IMG_9029 2
Post 21: Back in the 813
Day 23: 3/13/22 1:38am We are back in Tampa! These past two days have been a whirlwind. Yesterday (Friday 3/12) Zak and I got a ton of chores done in Safety Harbor, FL. Our laundry was overflowing,...
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