Why Vanlife
Why Vanlife?
Hi Friend! We heard that you’re interested in Vanlife. Awesome! Before you start, you need to stop and figure out something very important: your “Why” for doing this in the...
Q&A: Session 1
So many people have a LOT of questions about vanlife, so Zak and I have decided to start a weekly Q&A, where we will answer 3 questions a week. If you have questions about vanlife, please...
Vanlife: Exploring Niagara Falls
Are you living vanlife and are excited to Explore Niagara Falls? Then this post is for you! Niagara Falls is an amazing, beautiful wonder, located in both Western New York and in Ontario, Canada....
5 Things We Love About Vanlife
There are so many things that we love about living our self-converted van. Here is a list of our absolute favorite things that we love about vanlife. 1. Our Cozy Bed and Bedtime Lights We...
Things To Do When Traveling Through: Erie, PA
Ever wonder what to do in Western PA? What about with a dog? Here are some of our suggestions while you are traveling through on your own road trip!
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Post 37: Doubts and Second Guesses
Day 37: 3/27/22 9:52 pm (central time)  I think that both Zak and I are stuck half way in between vanlife and “regular” life. Most of our friends (all of our friends?) are...
Post 36: Dirty, Hungry, and Tired
Day 36: 3/26/22 10:12pm  Today we woke back up at the same Cracker Barrel in Destin and we were both just SO dirty. Today is Saturday mind you, and the last time I showered and put on...
Post 35: Med School Application Stresses
Day 35: 3/25/22 10:08pm (central)  Today was cool! We woke up at Cracker Barrel and then went straight to Henderson Beach State Park to walk with Auggie. It was $6 for entry to the park,...
Post 34: Central Time Zone!
Day 34: 3/24/22 10:23pm (central)  We woke up in Mexico beach this morning and we are officially in central time!! We drove to Panama City this morning so I could tutor but right after...
Post 33: Onward!
Day 33: 3/23/22 11:13pm  After a nice week with Keith and Kathy, we decided it was time for us to hit the road again! There are a lot of crazy storms coming in from the West and it was...
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