Post 40: Bad Weather and New Friends in Pensacola

Day 40: 3/31/22 12:08am 

Being in Pensacola has been so fun and relaxing. It’s been one of the very few places that we’ve been so far that is actually very vanlife friendly. We’ve been spending most of our time in the parking lots down by Pensacola Beach, and we’ve seen a lot of other vans and even met a nice couple! Today we spent a lot of the day at the dog park, trying to soak up the last of the nice weather! We finally met Jackson and Taylor (the van that parked next to us the other night) in person. They are both very nice, probably about 24. They both work full time from their van. We talked on the beach for probably an hour and we all got very sunburnt!

Tonight after working out/showering at the local Anytime Fitness, we went to downtown Pensacola to meet up with Taylor and Jackson where we thought we were getting $6 burgers at Big Top Brewery. Unfortunately though, their grill was broken so we ended up going to this Irish pub instead, which actually had awesome food and beer. Plus, it was trivia night! We totally ended in last place but it was still awesome. This was the kind of impromptu night that makes vanlife so cool. On a Monday night, we went out with people we had just met for trivia, great food, and beer. Oh, did I mention that we were also trying to wait out a possible tornado coming through? Terrible weather is supposed to be coming in tonight– tornadoes and 80mph winds, so we’ll see! We figured that it would be best for us to park in a parking lot that is surrounded by brick buildings, rather than being on the beach. Hopefully all ends well! Fingers crossed!

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